Do YOU Think Kylian M’bappe Will Move to Arsenal?

Kylian M'bappe

Monaco shocked Ligue 1 and the rest of the soccer world by taking the French title away from PSG. Now, they face the reality of the planet’s best clubs coming for their young talent.

Not the least of which is Kylian M’bappe, who has been heavily linked with a move to North London.

Last month, Arsenal reportedly offered over £100 million ($131 million) for the striker. Notably, the offer included a lot of cash up-front, which is unusual.

Normally, even in major transfers, the buying club will pay off the agreed transfer fee in installments. Usually the fee is not totally paid off for several years, sometimes even after the player has moved again already.

Apparently, in this case, the Gunners offered to fork over half of the total sum immediately, something which undoubtedly caught Monaco’s attention.

With that first offer rejected, Arsenal have upped their game. Now Arsene Wenger and Co are reportedly offering £125 million ($165 million) for the player, with much of that paid up-front.

This would shatter not only the club record (£42.5 million/$56 million for Mesut Ozil) but also the world record (£89.3/$118 million for Paul Pogba) transfer fee.

However many fans are questioning the legitimacy of such claims. Arsenal, as you all well know, are known for their frugality in the transfer market.

For example, Alex Lacazette last summer; the striker could have moved for about £30-35 million ($39-46 million), but the club decided this was too much money. Too much even for a team that everyone knew needed a world-class attacker.

So, would they logically want to pay SO MUCH money for a wonder-kid?

It would be one thing if the team were offering maybe half of what they apparently are, but the sum is mind-boggling.


BUT, more importantly, what do YOU think?

Is M’bappe worth that kind of money? Are Arsenal willing to pay that much? Will ANYONE pay that much?

Let me know in the comments below

Photo Credit; Paulmaxwell/Wikimedia

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