Arsenal to Barca; Stay Away From Bellerin!

Bellerin Barcelona

Barcelona are known to want Hector Bellerin, who came up through their youth system, back at the Nou Camp. However, the young defender is under contract until 2023, and is the only real option Arsenal have at RB.

According to the Telegraph, the Gunners have even sent a letter to the Catalonian club telling them to stop their pursuit.

According to the report, this letter was penned by Ivan Gazidis and contains strong language. The publication went as far as to suggest that the Arsenal exec tangentially suggested they would report Barcelona to FIFA if their pursuits continued.

“The threat of reporting Barcelona to FIFA was not explicitly referenced but transfer conduct is a particularly sensitive issue just now. Every club in Europe will be aware of how authorities have recently taken action if they felt that a line becomes crossed.”

Whats more important here is that the letter seems to have had the desired effect. Links between the defender and the Catalonians have gone cold, suggesting they have given up.

With both Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil still debating signing new deals, the ambition this letter shows is mana from heaven for Gooners.


Now it’s time for YOU to have your say.

Do you think the letter is a statement of intent from the club? Will they hold on to Bellerin? Does this also suggest that the team will allow Alexis‘ contract to run down?

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