Football to Soccer Dictionary

Football to soccer dictionary

One unique thing about being an Arsenal fan in North America is that we don’t get native commentators; at least native to our ears. Not to disrespect the likes of Ian Darke and Steve McManaman, however, they are known to use colloquialisms and slang which is unfamiliar to their cousins across the pond.

So, for your translating pleasure, I have made a list of common phrases you may hear in a standard broadcast and provided it’s more familiar (by our standards) definition.

Added time/Stoppage time – Injury time

Badge/Crest – Logo

Ballon D’or – “Golden Boot” or the award given to the top scorer of a competition

Brace – Scoring two goals in one game

Boots – Soccer cleats

Bung – Bribe

Byline/Endline – Parts of the Goal line outside of the actual net

Cap – Appearance for an international team (e.g. USMNT)

Caretaker Manager – Interim Manager/Head Coach

Caution – Yellow Card

Challenge – Tackle

Clean Sheet – Shutout

Cup-Tied – When a player has appeared in a competition for one team, so can’t play for another

Custodian – Goalkeeper

Dead Ball – When the play will restart with the ball stationary (e.g. corner kick or free kick)

Derby (pronounced ‘Darby’) – Rivalry match-up/Subway series

Equalizer – Game tying goal

Fixture – Game yet to be played

Football – Soccer (duh)

Ground – Stadium

Hard-Man – Enforcer

Holding Midfielder – Defensive Midfielder

Howler – A really bad mistake by a player or referee

Kit – Jersey/Uniform

Loan – See article on Trades and Transfers

Man of the Match – Player of the Game

Outfield Player – Every player other than the Goalie

Overhead Kick/Scissor Kick – Bicycle (Bike) Kick

Parking the Bus – When a team plays an extremely defensive game, and almost doesn’t even try to score

Penalty/Spot Kick – Penalty Kick

Penalties – A series of penalty kicks to decide a game after extra time (Penalty shootout)

Pitch – Field

Pitch Invasion – Rushing the field

Professional Foul – Intentionally committing a foul to help one’s team

Promotion – See article on Promotion and Relegation

Relegation – See article on Promotion and Relegation

Set Piece – A play used when taking a Dead Ball (e.g. corner kick/free kick)

Simulation – Diving

Straight Red – When a player is given a red card before picking up a yellow

Striker – Attacker/Forward

Studs – The cleats on your Soccer Cleats

Supporter – Fan

Touch-line – Sideline

Ultra – a fanatical fan, bordering a hooligan

Are there any terms that you’ve heard that aren’t on the list? Leave it in the comments below and I’ll let you know what they mean!

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