Arsenal's Invincibles

Remembering Arsenal’s Invincibles

October 8, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

Only twice in the history of the English game has a team completed a full league season without losing a single game. The first club to accomplish the feat was Preston North End in 1888-1889, where they won 18 games and drew 4 out of a league season of 22 [Read More]

Football to soccer dictionary

Football to Soccer Dictionary

July 10, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

One unique thing about being an Arsenal fan in North America is that we don’t get native commentators; at least native to our ears. Not to disrespect the likes of Ian Darke and Steve McManaman, however, they are known to use colloquialisms and slang which is unfamiliar to their cousins [Read More]

Europe and the Cups

Cups & Continental Competitions 

June 20, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

As mentioned in the article about Promotion and Relegation, we spoke about what happens to teams at the bottom of the Premier League, as well as at the top and bottom of the lower leagues. This time we are looking at what happens when a team finishes at or near [Read More]

Arsenal scarves online

Trades and Transfers

June 20, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

Another thing that sets American Soccer apart from European Football is transfers, or as we more familiarly know them as; trades. This seems like something very basic that wouldn’t differ too much between continents, but the truth is that the two systems share very little in common. Trades & Transfers [Read More]

Academy system

The Academy System

June 20, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

Arsenal FC is a club which is world-renowned for developing young talent. They don’t just prioritize young players in the transfer market, they also bring youth talent into the team through their famous Hale End Academy. The Academy System Sort of Like Soccer School The Football Association (FA), unlike North [Read More]

promotion and relegation

Promotion, Relegation & The Football Pyramid 

June 20, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

English soccer, and the game in most other countries, is vastly different from the way MLS or any other North American sports league operates. Likely one of the most alien attributes is the ‘football pyramid’ and the system of promotion and relegation. Promotion, Relegation & The Football Pyramid At the [Read More]

A brief history of Arsenal

A Brief History of Arsenal FC

June 20, 2017 Martin Hawkins 0

Arsenal FC is one of the world’s most popular teams, regardless of sport or nation. They were founded in 1886, and have as rich a history as any professional club. A Brief History of Arsenal FC Origins In 1886 a group of workers from the Woolwich Arsenal Armament Factory decided [Read More]