Hiya Goons,

My name is Martin Hawkins and I’ve been addicted to Arsenal for over a decade now.

In the summer of 2017, I decided to start up this blog to give me a place to vent, hypothesize, theorize and connect with other gooners.


Mainly I try to focus on newer fans, those who, like me when I first followed the team, may not know very much about European Football, and perhaps don’t know anyone who can explain how it all works. It sounds strange I know, but trust me there are people like us around.

For example the sometimes confusing issue of promotion and relegation, or the at-times tedious process by which clubs qualify for European competition, or even the alien (at least to Americans) loan system.

If you like what you read, you can also follow me at Arsenalfootball.co, where I cover Arsenal with more of a journalistic view, as opposed to an unfiltered fan view.

I sure hope you all enjoy yourselves on The Stateside Gooner, and let’s keep those comments flowing!

Thank you Goons!

Martin Hawkins